Product Design

The major was established in 1998 to improve rail transportation equipment design in China. It has been awarded the first batch of national first-class majors and was rated A in 2022.

Based on the university's hundred years of transportation characteristics and multidisciplinary intersection advantages, the major is oriented to China's manufacturing innovation and upgrading strategic needs. It serves the high-end equipment industry represented by rail transportation and is located in the domestic first-class product design with "rail transportation characteristics."

We cultivate students who can adapt to the needs of modernization construction, with comprehensive development of morality, intellect, physique, and aesthetics. Students can acquire solid theoretical knowledge of product design, international vision, social responsibility, and innovative design thinking. Students can integrate technology, human factors, aesthetics, and culture to design new systems and products and creatively solve related service problems through design. They can work in enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutions, and professional design institutions to engage in product design, innovation design, interaction and experience design, service design, and design management of composite product design.

We offer the bachelor, master, and doctoral programs under Product Design:

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Product Design

Master of Fine Arts in Product Design

Doctor of Engineering in Industrial Design Engineering

Doctor of Engineering (Professional) in Industrial Design and Engineering