Digital Media

The Digital Media Art is oriented to the extensive needs of the transportation industry for the digital design of network media, relying on the advantages and characteristics of the university trans-disciplines. It integrates art and design with digital technology, focusing on planning, designing, and producing digital network media and entertainment products. The program includes modules on graphic image creativity, information visualization and interaction design, digital film and television editing, new media design, digital entertainment design, etc. The program focuses on the planning, design, research and development, and management of digital media products. It is oriented to develop students' comprehensive quality, cultivating high-quality composite innovative design talents with solid theoretical knowledge of digital media art and practical design ability.

We offer the bachelor, master, and doctoral programs under Digital Media:

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication

Master of Fine Arts (Professional) in Digital Media

Master of Fine Arts (Professional) in Visual Communication