Strategic Lines

Industrial Design and Human-Machine Interaction

The research activities are carried out for the significant strategic needs of the worldwide transportation field and the innovative design needs of industrial enterprises. The research mainly focuses on the industrial design and comprehensive evaluation of trains, innovative design methods, human factors of transportation equipment, multimodal human-computer interaction, comprehensive comfort, user behavior and driving and riding preferences, and other system research. The school has established academic platforms of Modern Design and Culture Research Center and Human-Machine Environment System Design Institute which has undertaken nearly one hundred research projects.

Environmental Design and Theory

The research activities are committed to facing the primary strategic needs in the urban-rural built environment, highlighting the significant characteristics of "transportation + environment" and exploring interdisciplinary innovation. The topics form specialties in urban-rural environment design, cultural and tourism environment design, and human settlement design. According to the frontier of international development, the research conducts theoretical and technology development in smart urban-rural environment and health, environmental big-data integration and application, environmental evaluation and policy, etc. Relying on the southwestern geographical advantage in China, the research plays a leading role in promoting the western development of research and application characteristics of the local smart environment and architecture.

Digital Media and Visual Communication

The research areas focus on digital cultural heritage and embodiment of transportation characteristics and expand the frontier areas of digital and intelligent design. The activities mainly focus on the collaborative design of digital transportation culture and information technology, transportation big data information visualization, meta-universe media testing and innovative design based on MR multi-channel perception technology, etc., exploring the humanization, human culture and art of digital information and the innovative possibilities of communication design under the emerging media.